Port Sunlight Village and Works Bowls Club.

Hi everyone, my name is Alan Dunbar and I want to introduce you to the crown green bowling club located in the heart of the village. Port Sunlight Village and Works Bowling Club, which is open to both men and women members, was formed in 2009, although its origins started in 1905. It has several teams who play in various local leagues, including singles, pairs and vets (over 55 years). The Club plays in the picturesque village of Port Sunlight on the green alongside the Lyceum building near Hulme Hall (Bolton Road).

I started playing as a complete novice about six years ago. My wife, Chris, and I were introduced to the game by a friend who lived in the village. We immediately took to the game, enjoying the social life and health benefits. Without exception, everyone at the club welcomed us and helped us to settle in. I now captain two teams and work with others on the club committee, showing that anyone can get involved to whatever level they want to.

Believe me when I say that playing bowls on our green in the heart of an award- winning picturesque village, on a sunny day during the summer is amazing, a truly heart-warming experience. People have asked me what attracts me to the game, for me it is the friendship, competition and the banter, you always need the banter of mates to keep you grounded! For Chris, she loves the times spent with people who, over the years, have become close friends. During these difficult ‘Pandemic’ times, this network of friends has been significant in maintaining a positive mental approach to life; Invaluable.

The game can seem simple, yet it is a very skilful game at the higher levels. Player’s role a small, round bowl, and then have two efforts each to get as close as they can to it, see simple! But then you realise that the length the grass is cut affects things; if the grass is wet or dry; if its green or brown, and so on. Oh, and by the way the green is not flat, it has a crown, hence the name of the game. It also has dips and valleys, slopes and edges, wonderfully imperfect.

With the summer approaching, and hopefully with restrictions lifted, we are looking forward to a new season. We recognise that for many, crown green bowling is seen a sport for older people, nothing could be further from the truth. Although, many of our members are over 50, most of the best players in the league are under 40. Children can play in their own competitions with other children, and if they are good enough, they can also play in the main league teams. There are many sides with families in the same team.

So, if you are interested in giving it a go, or even just looking for some entertainment (word used lightly) then wander down to the green on most evenings during the summer and introduce yourself to us. Alternatively, why not give Kevin a call on 07840 562 392, he’s a member of our club and he looks after new members, introducing them to the joys of crown green bowling.

See there website by clicking here.